Freie Stadt

A Quick Sum Up Of Before

The party (Cetrin, Serena, Selion and Magnus) are summoned by Cade Osbourne to help with a package delivery. After realizing there was a trap in wait, Cade sent the party through the base of his allies to escape while he bought them time. The group fought past several assassins before following the surviving allies down a drop into the sewers, destroying the entrance to such in the process.

The group were led to a safe house not far away where they met their contact, Don Marcus, the leader of the Black Daggers gang and handed over the package. They were given a day to rest before being summoned to a warehouse where they learned that the Black Daggers were to merge with the Blood Angels gang, but that they wouldn’t agree unless a rescue attempt was staged for their lost brother, Cade.

The group was given a list of things to accomplish. At this point it became too much for the moral zealot Marcus to continue to associate/work for a Whitesands gang and departed. The remaining party were then surprised with the appearance with of a mysterious ranger, Ivy, who commented on their fight before leaving. Not long after they were met with an old associate of Cetrin’s, Alton, and his friend Nathan. The two agreed to help in their quest and were able to meet half of their prerequisites before being pulled back to the warehouse by a dark daggers representative. Before this, however, it seems that Nathan had been contacted by someone with a job of his own; silencing a merchant. Taking it as to mean to kill him, he enlisted the help of Alton and together the two tailed and broke into the man’s house. Quickly caught after entering, the two raced up the stairs (Alton being taken out by a guard and carried by Nathan). Nathan smashed open the door to the merchant’s bedchamber, decapitated him and leaped from the window. He tossed the unconscious Alton into a wagon full of hay before being killed on the property. Alton was later recovered by the party and Nathan still hangs by the neck in Whitesand’s main square. In any case, at the warehouse the party learned that they were to plan and lead the attack on a weapon shipment raid that was held by their rivals, the Sand Scorpion gang.

They were spared a few men and a hired guide, who turned out to be Ivy to their surprise, and formulated a plan. Their attack went smoothly, with only the deaths of two guards as marks against them. From the shipment they were allowed to draw a weapon each and dismissed.

A few days after, they received a summons from a very wealthy and connected noble by the name of Lazarus Vale. Upon meeting the man, they learned they had been contacted for a job; retrieving a tome from a mansion long thought to be haunted. Accepting, the group rested and gathered to investigate the next morning. Investigating the house took longer than expected as they were repeatedly shown examples of how the mansion really was haunted. After two tries, they had explored the main house in it’s entirety, slain a phantasmal horror and found the tomb they were looking for. Called back to the mansion, they were met with an additional three people: Octavio, Drake and Alexander. The three, Lazarus explained, were to help in the procurement of the book and to find the source of the disease that had wiped out the family.

Making it back to the mansion and down to the tomb, the group proceeded to explore the area, in actuallity an abandoned laboratory, are destroyed several of it’s guardians. Now, they stand and prepare before entering the final room.


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