Alton Cain

The Masked Bard


HP 17
AC 19
STR 12
DEX 17
CON 10
INT 17
WIS 13
CHA 17
Saves: Fort + 1 Reflex + 8 Will + 4
Possessions : Cloak, Masks, + 1 Shortsword, Throwing Daggers (6), Cyel Dagger (MWK), Masterwork Double Ocarina, Masterwork Triple Ocarina, LoZ tome, Backpack (+Basic Supplies), Belt pouches x3.


Standing a towering 3 feet 1 inch tall, Alton Cain looks like an average halfling. He has brown hair, short yet shaggy and unkempt, and black eyes. However, few know this, as he usually hides his face under one of his many masks.

Alton was born in a Halfling town to a Locksmith, Eagan, and the passing bard he seduced, Ellia. Ellia quickly stopped her traveling ways to settle in with Eagan, eventually birthing Alton’s siblings Arthur and Alice. For a time, they lived happily together as a family.

Alton learned much of the basic skills needed for his bardship at this time, connecting with his mother. She played flute melodies for him, and he would eventually echo back with an Ocarina purchased with his own money.

Alton also learned a little of his father’s trade, though excelled more with his knowledge of the locks than with producing them.

Alas, the peace didn’t last for long. The infidelity of Eagan suddenly came to light. He had cheated secretly for years, successful in keeping the affairs quiet. However, when he seduced a particularly talkative gnomish bard, word quickly got around.
Within hours of the news both Eagan and the gnome were dead. Ellia was arrested for the murder the next day, the bloody knife and broken flute used in the murders still among her possessions.

Authorities quickly moved Arthur and Alice into an orphanage, but their search for Alton was fruitless. The 15 year old halfling was already gone, his pouch and Ocarina coming with him.

Collapsed on the road on his second day without food, Alton was picked up by a traveling Bard troupe. Traveling with the group, he developed his musical ability. He also dawned his first mask, a simple woolen thing that added to gave his performances mystique. For a year, he was happy.

Happiness that would again be short lived. The troupe ran into economic despairs, and grudgingly left Alton in an orphanage, trying to save both him and themselves. However, the orphanage could not hold Alton, and he was quickly escaped and wandering.

Again heartbroken and longing for companionship, 16 year old Alton wandered the city streets. Lacking in fighting ability, he hid from gangs and scraped together a living from begging and mediocre performance. However, his slight income drew gang attention to him, and soon he was surrounded by thugs.

This is when one of the most influential figures of his life stepped in. Cyel, a halfling invisible blade, quickly dispatched of the thugs. He moved with grace and efficiency, guiding the thugs swords away from him with his notched defensive dagger before ending them with deadly precision. Within seconds, the thugs were all bleeding on the ground, and Cyel had lead the boy away.

The weak boy was quickly turned into a decent rogue. Cyel developed the boy’s talents for throwing daggers, gave him guidance in stealth and placing his blows, and quickly trained the boy physically. He also gave him his skill with words, teaching him to speak better, whether in lie or truth. Under Cyel’s guidance, Alton grew from a scraggly Halfling boy into a hidden, silent rogue.

Alton also grew a bit on Cyel. His musical talent soothed the aged halfling, and his devoted following made him a trusted apprentice. Time passed, and the boy who he had planned to teach for only weeks had been following him for years. When his old life called to him, he was hesitant to leave Alton. When it persisted, Cyel and Alton grudgingly exchanged goodbyes.

Alton wore a mask of his master after the parting. Eventually, the wearing of the mask, usually only done for performance, became near permanent. While he ate and slept without it, it now covered him for the majority of his time.

Alton quickly found himself working for another group. With yet another troupe of bards, 20 year old Alton found himself in the spy business. He worked for years with the group, uncovering many secrets to town and country, yet eventually gave up the life. The immorality of his acts had reached him, and his faith in Yondalla and in Good led him again to loneliness.

Alton traveled the world for years, stretching across the globe in a desire to see the wonders of the world. But eventually, the loneliness got to him again. Now aged at 30, Alton sought to settle down for a while, and traveled to the Free City.

Alton Cain

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