Cetrin Raeg

Calm and charismatic, Cetrin Reag follows a Taoist mentality, with Wee-Jas and Obad-Hi entwined around his neck.


A human, standing about 5’10", with dark brown hair and green eyes. Raeg has olive skin has a number of small scars, only a few of which are visible when clothed. Classed as a Warmage. Cetrin wears a mask made of a dark wood, stretching from just below his hairline to the bottom of his chin. Around one eye hole stylized flames burn a dark orange, while a Dai-katana cuts down the other, curving with the cheek.

Strength: 13 Dexterity: 15 Constitution: 13 Intelligence: 16 Wisdom: 14 Charisma: 19
Initiative: 2 Hit Points: 28 Armor Class: 16
Fortitude: 2 Reflex: 3 Will: 6

Cetrin Raeg is the son of a foreign dignitary. His upbringing had him travel to multiple countries in order to develop his potential, particularly his family’s heritage of magic. Cetrin became a Warmage, though the lack of a true academy has enabled his travels. He currently resides in the Mages Guild of the Free City, spending his time exploring the city with his friends, taking care of tasks for the Mages Guild in exchange for books, tasks for the Adventurers Guild in exchange for payment, and taking lessons from a Zen Merchant on the use of the Dai-katana.

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Cetrin Raeg

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