Octavio di Magos

Sorcerer, Renaissance Man, Ponce, Bastard


A lithe, elegant young man, dressed in the finest and most up-to-date fashions, smelling of roses, and his brown hair clean, groomed and curled, Octavio is the very picture of wealth and respectability. Until he speaks. Behind his handsome and shaved face, Octavio is a duplicitous and scheming fellow, a fact that one may guess at by looking into his steely eyes. Octavio has a tendency for being sardonic and condescending, but can be the most proper and polite young man you’ll ever meet if you’re important…and he thinks he can gain from it? Can often be seen sitting in corner’s, either looking very bored or with a slight devious smirk that betrays his scheming mind.

Despite this, he does have a sense of loyalty, so long as someone has proven useful and has repaid the favor. He prefers not to chisel someone who’s shown loyalty and usefulness, not prudent.


Octavio di Magos

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