Greyrain Districts
The Forum: A large open-air plaza when thousands of merchants, stall vendors and caravan peddlers hawk their wares. Almost anything can be bought or sold here if you know who to talk to.

Adventurer’s Hub: The shops, taverns and houses within the district housing the Adventurers Guild. The nights are full of laughter and fistfights and the days are full of hungover or passed out adventurers.

Necropolis: This ‘district’ is actually a walled-off area near the middle of Greyrain which houses a large obsidian cathedral that contains the entrance to the city’s catacombs and holds services for the dead.

Clocktower: As with the Necropolis, the Clocktower is more of a famous building than a district itself. It stands as a testament to technology, progress and ingenuity.

The Maze: An area of apartments, houses and back alleys that put most labyrinths to shame. It takes a well-trained guide to navigate this area, as such, guides charge steeper prices to people traveling through the district.

Temple District: There is a temple or church to each major deity and faith inter-spaced with minor/local religious buildings and the homes of the pious.

Explore this area to find notable areas, people and items


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