Whitesands Districts
Roughtown: A wide ‘buffer’ district that separates Greyrain from Whitesands. It’s true purpose is to keep the violence from Hell’s Kitchen from effecting life in the middle-class neighborhoods.

Hell’s Kitchen: The worst district in the city by far; crime runs rampant, the houses and shops are broken and filthy as an average and the streets are run (and terrorized) by several competing gangs.

Halfling’s Hospitality: A large district of inns, taverns and many different forms of recreational activities and hobbies. This area is visited by tourists more often than any other district (perhaps except for Seven Sins) and is therefore the most guarded/regulated.

South Dock: The main docks of the city.

Seven Sins: This area is the favorite of tourists, thugs and slumming nobles alike. Due to tricky laws and loopholes, this district is a breeding ground for every type of vice or fetish imaginable for the right price.

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