Halfling's Hospitality

Places within the District:

  1. Abandoned Shopfront: An abandoned two-floor shopfront that seems to have been unused for several months.
  2. Lucky Shot {**}: This tavern is run and owned by Milo Shadowdart, a retired adventurer. The main attraction of the place is the numerous dart boards around the place.
  3. Bernard’s Antiques {**}: A small shop tended to by a doddering old man by the name of Osmund Bernard. There are a few gems to be found in the store, but it’s mostly hidden under piles of junk.
  4. Powdercakes {*****}: A very special bakery, host to a very special family. It’s a must visit for every character, at least once.
  5. Dice and Chips Casino {****}: (Not explored yet)
  • Halfling's Hospitality

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